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Knit along

2024 Christmas advent calendar

Allow us to treat you while we count down to Christmas together with this years Ombre sweater knit along.

2024 Christmas advent calendar
2024 Christmas advent calendar

Tid og sted

01. dec. 2024, 19.00 – 22. dec. 2024, 23.00

Knit along

Om eventet

Allow us to treat you as we countdown to Christmas together in this year's Christmas knit along. Click on the event to learn more.

In this year's Christmas advent calendar's knit along, we are going to knit Ombre sweater.

The Christmas calendar includes:

Pattern in English, Danish or Icelandic.

Hand dyed Organic Aran from Thelma Steimann for the project.

Video instructions and online closed knitting group, to connect with your fellow knitters & get inspirations from one another.

& surprise gifts, just because we want to spoil you as we count down Christmas together.

Read carefully through the instructions

How does this work?

The first thing that you need to do is to figure out what colors you would like to play with this Christmas. Choose between some of the suggested color matches or create your own. What we will need to know is in what order you would like to knit in. As we start from the top and work our way down.

If you choose one of our suggestions, we will only need to know which color you would like to start with.

If you choose to put colors together on your own, you will need to list your color as 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 so we know in which way you would like to knit your Ombre sweater.

We will create a closed knitting group so you can connect with us and your fellow knitters while we are working.

At the end of November you will receive a package from us, with 4 advent gifts. Each and every gift contains a part of the pattern & the yarn that you need for your project plus additional surprises. The value of the calendar is over 1800 danish kroners.

About the sweater

Ombre sweater in knitted top down with Organic Aran in a round on needles 5,5 & 4,5 mm. The sweater's design puts focus on hand dyed yarns and how to alternate multicolored yarns together, creating ombre features in your knitted style. The idea behind the sweater is to create a tangible project where you can integrate these techniques to other styles when working with hand dyed yarns. The merges between the colors will change based on which size you are knitting. The pattern does also give you the option to make use of all the yarn you have, as we are working with the concept “No thread left behind” making use of every single scrap. The sweater is the perfect beginner's project and an excellent way to create a mindful moment as we countdown to Christmas together.

Ombre sweater is designed to have approx 15 - 25 cm of positive ease, especially in the smaller sizes, but gradually less positive ease in the larger sizes, meaning how much larger in circumference the sweater is designed to be than your body’s bust measurement. The measurements are based on the sweater before washing.

Size (cm) XS (S) M (L) XL (2XL)

1. Bust circumference

106 (114,5) 123,5 (127,5) 132,5 (137,5)

2.Length measured mid back

51 (54) 57 (58)58,5 (58,5)

The price on the calendar differs between sizes, as you will need additional hank if you are knitting size Large - 2XLarge.

Colors available in Organic Aran for this calendar are :

Him, Bourbon, Sky, Stone, Brownie, Muse, Like nature intended, Rust, Royal, Perfection, Orange cooler, Girlpower, Lemon love, Ice baby, Earthstrong, Simp, Gunther in the light, Lore, Moss & Yours.

You can catch the Christmas calendar on special Early bird price until the 31.May.

From 1. June - 15.October the calendar will be available at regular price.

Last day to order the calendar is 15.October.

Ombre sweater knitwear pattern will first be released in 2025 for non KAL participants.


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