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The dye kit is a NEW extension to the product variety.


Cloudy dye sweater is the first product to be launched in this collection. Here you can find the pattern kit with Organic merino aran yarn.


The dye kit comes in three different product options : 


The kit includes undyed yarn and knitwear pattern in DANISH for the Cloudy sky sweater.


You can also find undyed Organic Aran available to purchase for any project, or if you are missing yarn for your Cloudy sky sweater.


The dye progress, which you purchase after you have knitted your sweater. 




You knit the Cloudy dye sweater and when you are finished with the sweater, you can purchase the dye progress. Select one of the color options available.


Take note that the hand dyeing process is sensitive and therefore no two sweaters will be exactly alike, but they will all go under the same dye treatment with the colors option that you have selected.


It is only possible to hand in sweaters in Organic Aran yarn from Thelma Steimann, so remember to fill out your order confirmation with your dye kit purchase in order to get your dye progress purchase accepted.


When your order has been confirmed, you will get an email with trackable postage from Postnord. Drop your package to your nearest Postnord package station to be shipped to Thelma Steimanns studio. It takes about 2-3 weeks for the sweater to be treated, after we have received the package from you. In the studio, the sweater will be dyed, washed and blocked. After the sweater is ready for shipping, you will get an email notification with trackable information about your sweater.


Postages are included in the dye progress price.

The dye kit is only available for Denmark, and the knitwear pattern is only available in Danish. 

The pattern for the Cloudy sky sweater is only available with the kit.

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