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Meet Thelma

About the brand

Thelma Steimann was founded in 2015 Copenhagen, where Thelma Steimann had been working as a freelance knitwear designer for various fashion brands. In 2018 Thelma published her first knitwear pattern and since then the variety of patterns has grown rapidly. Late 2020, the passion for knitwear was pushed to another level, as Thelma started hand dyeing yarns to go along with her patterns. Her passion is to create color stories that are fun to play with and can be used for both knitting and crocheting.


Thelma's passion is sustainability and quality, which she elaborates into her design. Every color has a story and a purpose, as each color has been carefully selected to create an exciting colorstory, by building something beautiful and unique. Many of the colors come in limited editions so it's recommended to purchase enough yarn for each project and remember that the yarn is hand dyed and therefore the colors might change slightly between yarn bases or redyes.


All bases are without any plastic, which means that the bases are without superwash. It's recommended to hand wash or machine wash on wool program, to keep the yarn in the best possible shape. Wool items should not be washed too frequently and the rule of thumb is to only wash when it has stains or an odor. 

Thelma Steimann

Thelma is raised and born in Reykjavik, Iceland. Her design elements are highly influenced by the harsh natural elements that thrive in Iceland

THELMA STEIMANN is an environmental conscious fashion designer which focuses on craftsmanship in the creativity. 

Her designs are highly motivated by her cultural background, mimicking the biomimicry approach in the design structure. Influenced by the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetics which centeres on the acceptance around the imperfection. Those elements and her playfullness with colours have been implemented into her hand dyed yarns.

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