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biomimicry project by Thelma Steimann


   In a fast changing world, where garments are consider a waste when they show a sign of a usage. By the values of the old Japanese Wabi Sabi method, where the beauty is in the imperfect, impermanent and in completed. A surface inspired by the ball moss, which only grows in warm temperature, yet has found his way to the northern part of the world. Allowing the garment to grow and take a life on its own. A changing shape that can be modeled onto diverse bodies, just like the ball moss that can grow on different surfaces. A damaged material can still serve its purpose, in a desirable garment. “Worn out” has extended its lifecycle, material of any kind can still be used while we have something in our hands. The ball moss had given up its hope in the season changes in Denmark, but will find its way back in next summer season.

Perfectly imperfect by Thelma Steimann
biomimicry project my Thelma Steimann
Biomimicry by Thelma Steimann
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