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Style 031220 is a knitwear pattern instructions.


The pattern comes in a PDF file, and can be downloaded and printed from the computer. With a purchase of the style, the costumer will receive a password to access video informational material, to have by hand if needed in order to create the garment.


Size ONE SIZE (cm)


1.Width (breasts) : 34 cm

2.Length : 34 (front) 52 (back) cm
3.Length on turtle neck : 24 cm


The measurements are based on the size of the vest before wash ; the neckwarmer might increase in cm when washed depending in the way its washed.


Level : Average




Squishy Merino DK from Fru Valborg, the yarn is a combination of 100% Merino superwash. Approx 235m/115g in each skein. Wonderful and soft base to work with


Nacre: 3


Circular needle / 2x straight needle in 3,5 mm.

Circular needle 40 cm in 3,5 mm.
Single needle for stitching the threads
2x safety pins.



Tension gauge sample


Make sure to check your own tension before starting to knit.
Cast on 36 stitches and knit as following ; k 3 st, p 3 st, rep and reverse on WS.
Knit 29 rows on needles 3,5 mm for a 10 x 10 cm sample.
The sample decreases a lot with the rib knitting, measure it by the size of the rib without stretching it out.
If tension measures too tight, change to a thicker needle.
If tension measures too wide, change to a thinner needle.


Good to know


The neckwarmer is knitted from the bottom to the top as seperate pieces and connected together by the shoulders The neckline is knitted in circle and knitted after the vest has been connected together by the shoulders.

Yarn quantity required is based on a average , and is therefore an approximate number. The vest can be knitted in any yarn that consist of the same thickness as Squishy Merino DK, and the color combina- tion is not set it stone.


Video tutorial is included with the instructions, if in need of a further guidance. The videos can be found on the members area at www. thelmasteimann.com, the code to access the videos is on the last page of the instructions.


Membership is included with every purchased instructions.



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