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I learned how to knit when I was only six years old, it´s still fresh in my memory as I was sick at home, that my mom taught me the skills for the craft in order to occupy me while staying at home with her for over a week.

Over the years I´ve taken on different projects and my knowledge in the craft has grown rapidly, and never in a million years would I have guessed that I could make a profession of it as an freelance artist.

Barbara í Gongini AW16. IMAGE BY // Mikkel Völcker

When I launched my collection in 2015, I had a very strong sense on how I wanted my production to exist. Everything would be made by me, or at least in house, and that the core of the collection would be my knitwear products.

Collection No.1 . IMAGE BY // Leonora Bernstein

The reason why I choose hand knitting is because of how mind southing it is (a yoga for your brain), to sit with your knitting project after a long exhausting day and watching a movie on Netflix is my recipe for the perfect end of the day.

I´m currently finishing my BA in sustainable design and during my education I´ve worked on numerous projects about knitting. I came across the book “Knitting for you health” by Betsan Corkhill – in her book she talks about the numerous health benefits that can by gained through knitting. Some of the topics in the book I could easily relate to, even though I hadn’t really analyzed my specific reasons for knitting, but it was an eye opener for me in order to assure me that I should rather focus on hand knitting instead of machinery knitting.

There is another thing that I´ve come across during my researches through my education, and that is the momentum of how garments become more sacred to us, and that is often based on the storytelling behind the garments. Some personal style that was made specially for ourselves, a sweater that our great grandmother made or an vintage item that has stayed in the family for decades. This kind of stories are the once that make some garments more special to us, and we could never consider to throw them out, due to their connection to us, and we could be more likely to maintain their origin with repairing and laundering.


Hand made speaks volumes.


My blog is solely based on my perspective about the findings I´ve come across in my research in my profession – and to keeping it in that way, I´m not providing the theoretical background to my findings.

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