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All men are designers. All that we do , almost all the time, is design, for design is basic of human activity. The planning and patterning of any act toward a desired, foreseeable end constitutes the design process. Any attempt to separate design, to make it a thing-by-itself, work counter to the fact that design is the primary underlying matrix of life.

Victor Papanek – Design for the real world, Human ecology and social change.

Sketchbook is a tool to gather things, just like a diary, Pinterest or Instagram for that matter. Things that I collect in my sketchbook can be the most random things, if I can glue it to the paper, then its going in the sketchbook.

The things that I put in the sketchbook are often used as an inspiration for my further projects. I´ve never been shy in showing my findings to people that are interested to see and learn about the starting point of some finished projects and hopefully inspire them in some way.

Even though fashion moves fast and trends come and go, I would never throw out a sketchbook even though my ideas might be outdated, and often before I start a project, I will go through some old sketchbooks to see if there is anything there that inspires me and I might have missed.

A rule number one of keeping a sketchbook is never throw anything out, not the book itself or badly illustrated images. I´m no Da Vinci, and often my ideas about how I wanted something to appear on the paper is not coming out the way I was planning to. It can be frustrating to accept the flaws, but often the most successful projects have appeared from the mistakes.

These gather of images are taken from one of my favorite pages in my sketchbooks.

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