Why is hand knitting sustainable

There are many different aspect to consider when it comes to sustainability, it can be based on what types of materials we use, how we take care of our garments and for how long we tend to keep our garments. – remember there is nothing sustainable about keeping a garment that is never worn. But it can be nice to rest some favourite pieces, and when we start wearing them again (this wonderful surprise that was forgotten in the wardrobe) it feels like a new garment, “fresh” again.

When you knit your own cardigan, you are able to choose. The choice can be from which type of yarn you are going to use, biodegradable, organic grown, vegan, natural dyed and the list goes on. You can also have the power to edit the style, if there are some things that you would like to “change” in the design, longer sleeves, shorter body and so on. There are many ways to alter the style to your personal needs, from colour to shape.


I knitted my first sweater without instructions in 2013, the piece is still to this day my favorite cardigan – and there is much said, from a person that has lost count on how many itemst I´ve made in my lifetime. The sweater is from a cheap yarn I bought in a cheap department store in Reykjavík, and the yarn is a combination of two types of materials, that have been twisted together in a one bulky thread.

In AW 16-17 I decided to create a mock up of that cardigan and add into my collection, I made the silhouette a bit smaller then the original one and the thread is totally different from the original one, and the cardigan is available in few different colours in my webshop, and it´s called classic Thelma. - ofc

On a project that I had last year, I decided to cut my cardigan up. I was making experiments with felting, and I wanted to learn how well the holes could hold their original shape after usage. – a year later and the holes are still looking fab, the felting held the loops together from becoming unthreaded.

But this is the sustainability with my original sweater.

This was my first ever free knitted style that I made, and for that it has the sentimental value to me. I drag it out every winter to layer up with other styles. And to this day, what I love the most about it, is that it´s long enough to cover me from knees and up, which makes it so amazing – I can run out in my PJ´s underneath without racing any suspicion .

This is why, hand knitting is sustainable. The value creation in the making ,and the personalisation that can be altered based on the wearers needs, it speaks volumes compared to the store bought items.

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