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Every Christmas I try to make some personal gifts that I’ve made myself. This Christmas I wanted to make something out of leftover yarn that I had at home, and table cloths are a wonderful idea, they require not that much yarn and are not such a hard project to take on.

This cloth is made out of cotton yarn that is originally bought at Uldstedet  in Copenhagen. The cloth required two balls of yarn, but it can be executed with almost any cotton yarn, just keep in mind that the yarn that I used is very thick.

Instructions :

All you need is a 

2 - Needles size 7 or 1 round needle 

2 - Cotton balls

1 - Crochet needle and a simple needle to stitch the ends

Create 50 loops with Big cotton on needles size 7.

First round is knitted with flat stitch.

- from now on every 1st loop of each round will be taken and not knitted (French side stitch) , the sides will appear with braided kinda look, which gives a beautiful finish to the cloth.

2nd round is knitted with purl stitch. 

Repeat this pattern 1 side flat and 1 side purl, until the cloth measures 44 cm.

Overlap the stitches and release from the needle. Hide all yarn ends and chrochet the sides, so the cloth doesn’t roll up on the side.

Follow the instruction video if needed: 


Hope you have a wonderful Christmas 

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