Learning knitting

I´ve written about it before on the blog regarding my opinion about knitting, and the different benefits that can be gained by knitting. This fall I´ll be hosting a knitting seminar through an education program called AOF, its an evening class which is held once a week. My teaching will be built up on the techniques that I´ve been developing for some time now, where the instructions come with videos, that go hand in hand in order to both verbalise ad visualise the instructions. In this way I want to make the communications as understandable as possible, so a beginner  // or more advanced, are able to grasp the craft. I´m looking forward to built up a community through my website, and hopefully strengthening some knitting knowledge. I´ve put together a video that will be available for members very soon, along with other tutorials.

For more information about the knitting course press her.

 //Video of a very simple sample for beginner to grasp some basic knitting stitches.

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