Meet Thelma

Thelma is raised and born in Reykjavik, Iceland. Her design elements are highly influenced by the harsh natural elements that thrive in Iceland

THELMA STEIMANN is a environmental conscious fashion designer which focuses on craftsmanship in the creativity. Her main motivation for creations lies within creating solutions for a healthier environment within the fashion industry.

Her zeitgeist is motivated by her cultural background, mimicking the biomimicry approach in the design structure. Influenced by the Japanese Wabi Sabi aesthetics which centeres on the acceptance around the imperfection. Her pieces are apart of a trans seasonal collection which is built up on a slow fashion concept. Every style is unique , where the adaptability is implemented on a one size fits all, with a zero waste approach to each and every style. Thelma Steimann works a lot with up cycling and creating a platform for unwanted materials to regain purpose in new designs.

THELMA STEIMANNS´ personal enthusiasm is her handcrafted knitwear styles, as she believes in the welfare gain from practicing hand knitting. All of her knitwear styles are hand made which results in the best possible quality, and now costumers can take on their own projects by purchasing pattern instructions to create their own knitwear styles.

The collection is all made locally from Copenhagen Denmark.


© Thelma Steimann