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Fine organic merino hand dyed yarn from Thelma Steimann


Thelma´s designs are aiming to provide a sustainable and responsible fashion production. Thelma´s main goal is to eliminate waste and design in a responsible way, by getting the customer involved to achieve more sustainable business practices.

Thelma Steimann designs timeless items that can be worn over and over again.




All the hand dyed yarns are sourced from responsable yarn suppliers and the main goal is to be able to provide as many organic yarn options as possible. All of Thelma's hand dyed yarns are without any plastics, and quality and comfort play the key role in the selections of yarn bases.


All the yarns are dyed with as little water waste as possible. The yarn is treated with organic washing products to maintain the natural qualities of the wool.


All colorstories are produced based on demand, and therefore there is no overproduction or waste of goods.


The project bags are made out of deadstock and recycled materials, and therefore every bag is unique. They are hand dyed in the studio working from the same techniques and goals as the yarns.


We ask our customers to take good care of their styles, follow the care instructions and only create styles that they want to wear.

Take the lead by designing your own styles, changing the colorstory and size as you see fit. 


Craftsmanship and material is the key to quality, we are all responsible for our environment and together we can take action.


 We ask you to consider our goals when you purchase with Thelma Steimann and help us to keep our story alive.


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